Best apps to prank your friends

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Best prank apps for Android Android to try with your friends. Prank is the best source for entertainment, to laugh and to deceive others. There are a number of pranks to play with your friends or family, but mobile pranks are considered harmless compared to actual pranks. Also, the actual jokes are kind of old. You need to try something new, cool and free. Yes, I am talking about prank apps for android that you can easily download from play store. All prank apps for Android are great, but here Newzoogle will share the best prank apps for Android to bring laughter to your friends and capture the fun moments in the sessions. family gathering. These apps will hone your sense of humor and teach you new prank techniques to have fun in life. Read on to find out what jokes you’ll get in the following apps:

Mobile tracker


Mobile tracker is a free and quality monitoring application. You should must try this app and it has alot of free and enjoyable features

  • Many free features
  • Easy installation and use
  • It can help you trace whatsapp and facebook incoming messages withour rooting your device
  • Monitor anybody in realtime
  • Thousands of satisfied costumers


Bombitup is a fun to prank your friends by sending them unlimited emails, sms, and calls anonymously. This app is not available app store or play store it can be downloaded by google websites. Bombitup will fully secure your phone number, email adress etc. Prank anyone with no time limits. This app is purely free. It have no hidden charges.

SMS Blast: You can send unlimited messages anonymously to have fun with your friend and make him uncomfort

Call Blast: As with SMS Blast, you can make anonymous calls to others using BOMBitUP. With that annoyance, you’ll make them uncomfortable.

Email Blast: You can send tons of emails to your friend . If they use the email there will make different ringtones and sounds and will make them disturb.

Custom SMS: Using the “way2sms” port and sending an infinite number of messages. To do this, you’ll need a way2sms account, which you can join for free.

Fake call


This app is very useful for you because you can make fake phone call to yourself. Fake call prank is another type of prank calling app. You program the application to make a fake call for you. It’s great for multiple uses, including playing with your friends or getting out of social activities that require a phone call. You can set the caller’s name, number and picture. Moreover, you can use presets like fonts or pizza. You can even assign it a custom ringtone and record a voiceover to be read when a call starts. It worked well in our tests and is a free app with some call to yourself anytime and any place even if you are not connected to the internet or network signals.

Voice changer

This is the best app to change your voice by applying effects on sound. It is very easy to use and can create amazing and interesting effects. Featured:

  • Record audio and apply effects to it.
  • Open an audio file and apply effects to it.
  • View and edit recorded audio.
  • Share recorded audio with your friends via Bluetooth or social networks.
  • You can also apply the effects listed multiple times to create a multitude of different effects for your vocals.

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