Earn Money from Snack Video Daily

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Snack Video, How to earn from snack video daily? It is application of social media that shares trending videos shared by the users. Every person can from this application from home . I will share with you the easiest methods to do earning from it daily. People are earning millions of rupees from this application. Below I will share you the link to download the app. This app is available on play store as well as app store.

Earn From Referral

The best and easiest way to earn from it is from referrals, by inviting friends to the app . You invite your one friend you will earn 65 Rupess. If he does use the snack video app after installation. If the referral uses the app for 3 days you will earn two hundred rupees. And if he uses snack video for a week u will earn 365 rupees.

Now you have to do is just download the the Snack video app from the link below. Send invites to the friends to join the app through your link . You can invite friends through different social media platforms such as whatsapp, facebook instagram etc. If you invite atleast 5 of your friends you will be easily making 2000 rupees from it daily.

Earn by watching Videos

You can earn money by watching other creators videos. This is only for new users that are bound with someone’s code. You will get 11 points for each video you watch on it . This is not worth it that you watch videos 24 hours and get paid 200 rupees . That best way to earn from this is by making referrals.

How to withdraw money

How to withdraw money if you have earned from it. You can withdraw money in your jazzcash, easy paisa or bank account easily. The earned money will be credited to your account within minutes. THE DOWNLOAD LINK OF SANCK VIDEO

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